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Hello, my name is Jack. My blog is filled with Pokemon, Zelda, and anime mostly. I upload screenshots of whatever anime I am currently into at the time. Inbox me if you like, I would appreciate some recommendations to new series.

Apr 15

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emilia clarke for marie claire, may 2014

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ha joffrey

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10 things that turn girls on

  1. High-collar jackets with pointy shoulders
  2. Crazy hair styles that are sure to get you laid
  3. A duel disk on wrist at all times
  4. Millennium items 
  5. Sending your opponent to the shadow realm
  6. Owning the blue eyes white dragon
  7. Having all rights to a corporation dealing with card games
  8. Friendship speeches
  9. Finding out your past self is an Egyptian pharaoh
  10. Believing in the heart of the cards

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Link being a cutie 3/?

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Apr 13

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Apr 12

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It happened again.


It happened again.

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